The V-MAX speaker series included in this catalogue features some of RCF’s exclusive designs and technologies such as RCF Precision Hyper-vented Woofers and high power, low distortion neo compression drivers, “CMD” Coverage Matching Design horns providing consistent horizontal and vertical pattern control through the usable frequency range, RCF exclusive “LICC” Crossover Systems, matching amplification and control systems to fully optimise the high performance and long term reliability RCF is renowned for.


The V-MAX Series represents a no-compromise compact design and construction, offering a very natural sound in recorded music and live situations.

All V-MAX Series cabinets are in birch, heavy duty coated with weather resistant polyurea paint. Free from spurious vibrations, they offer a reinforced construction at the highest levels in the professional market.

Link: http://www.rcf.it/professional-speaker-systems/vmax

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