Affordable RF System with premium performance

MIPRO ACT-311 System.. Performance at an affordable price of P18,995

Available from our dealers nationwide.


- with it's wide frequency range & frequency management function, you can simultaneously use up to 21 sets of ACT-3 systems in a venue.

- 11 Frequency groups, Groups 1~6, 7~10 have 8 &16 compatible channels respectively.

- Backlit LCD displays group, channel, frequency, RF level, AT selection, AF level, battery level indicator, interference warning indicator, and panel lock indicator.

ACT 3 display.jpg

- World’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.

- Advanced diversity technology for optimum reception range and reduces signal dropouts and the “PiloTone & NoiseLock” dual-squelch circuits prevent noise interference.

- Adjustable ‘SQ’ for higher sensitivity to increase receiving distance and lower sensitivity to reduce interference.


- High efficiency and low spurious PLL circuitry with Auto Scan function.

-Receiver provides bias for booster where MIPRO antenna systems can be added for extended receiving range and stability.

- Industry’s only RF interference warning indicator for ideal SQ level adjustment.

The innovative ACT 3 Series wireless microphone systems are a culmination of years of extensive design and manufacturing experience. No wiring and adjustment required as PCB, LCD and front panel are integrated. Featuring 1/2U receivers of single-channel ACT311 & dual-channel ACT-312 and 1U receivers of single-channel ACT300.

EIA standard 19” rack-mountable metal chassis is used instead of cheap plastics. Featuring backlit LCD instead LED display for ease of use and professional appearance. PLL-synthesized technology for RF stability and matched with rugged ACT-30H & ACT-30T transmitters.

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