VENUE S6L is hot!

After a week from NAB Las Vegas & Pro Light & Sound Germany, news about the new VENUE S6L still resonates across the industry and beyond.

VENUE has long been one of the most trusted and requested live mixing systems in the world, and now the legacy continues with VENUE | S6L, a modular system designed to take on the world’s most demanding tours and events with ease.

A complete VENUE | S6L System includes the following control surface, engine and I/O components, the VENUE | S6L control surface, VENUE | E6L engine and Stage 64 I/O rack. Options cards are also offered separately to match customer requirements.

The control surface is offered in three configurations, the S6L-32D (32 + 2 faders, 96 assignable knobs, Master Touchscreen and three Channel Touch Modules) and the S6L-24D / S6L-24 — both with 24 + 2 faders, 64 assignable knobs, Master Touchscreen and two Channel Touch Modules

The VENUE | E6L engine comes in two variations: the E6L-192, with 192 input processing channels, 96 mix buses + LCR; and the E6L-144, with 144 input processing channels, 64 mix buses + LCR.

The new Stage 64 I/O rack provides a choice analog / digital I/O and networking options and multiple racks can be combined for additional I/O flexibility.

Watch Robert Scovill as he brings us through the features and functions of the VENUE S6L and discover why it is The Next Stage In Live Sound.

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Forerunner Technologies is the exclusive distributor of the AVID VENUE Live Sound products in the Philippines

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