RCF has provided a unique and powerful two-way line source with the new NX L44-A ACTIVE TWO-WAY ARRA

RCF has provided a unique and powerful two-way line source, with the sound delivered from three 10” neodymium woofers and a 1.4” driver with 3“ voice coil on a asymmetrical waveguide. All are perfectly tuned to deliver remarkably uniform coverage and an extended frequency range. Precision controlled by an on-board DSP and driven by a two-channel digital amp, the NXL44-A delivers very natural sounding response and high SPL for professional live sound reinforcement.

The horn’s design is asymmetrical so it projects sound energy with great accuracy, thereby avoiding undesired reflections. The enclosure always remains vertical - it does not have to be tilted or aimed in any way that would adversely affect its stability.


  • Digital bi-amped amplifier with 1400 Watt peak power

  • 90° x 30° directivity (+5°, -25°)

  • 3 x 10" neo woofer

  • 1.4" compression neo driver, 3.0" voice coil with a waveguide

  • DSP Processing with optimized phase response

  • Scalable

  • Easy to fly and install with built-in rigging points

Product Link : HIT THIS!

RETAIL PRICE - Php 199,000.00

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