Mackie Axis: Utilize the power of Masterfader 4

The same Masterfader app used with the DL32r, DL1608, and DL806 mixers runs the Axis system. A powerful mixing app that doesn't require you to spend hours just to learn the app. With the different revisions and improvements since it was first released, the Masterfader app has now evolved into an incredible mixing tool but still keeps it's simple, easy to learn layout. Any function, basic or advanced, is always just a few taps away. Making it a great way to manage your mixes. Working in tandem with the DC16 control surface, the Axis system provides an incredibly flexible way to do live sound never before available to us. The Mackie Masterfader is free, just visit the app store to download and explore its features: Get in touch with us to find a Mackie dealer near you.

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